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We are a young, innovative technology company. At FFS Repair you’ll find a big selection of the cell phones and accessoires for sale, along with an extensive assortment of top-rated smartphones. You’ll find cell phone deals for a number of the smartphones you want, including special offers on phones and accessoires for sale.

We manage the entire chain – from selling of the equipment, through logistics, after-sale support and repair. For our customers this means: you are in good hands! FFS repair stands for secure and sustainable solutions for large quantities of mobile devices such as mobile phones, smartphones and tablets.

We live cycle. Circular economy is our DNA. Impact is our goal. Because we want to make a difference! We are long-standing partners of international operators and retailers, manufacturers
and corporate customers.
We are FirstChoice 4 full customer support!



In our Online Shop you will discover different brand new Smartphones!
With us the quality and the favourable price are right. We have something for every purse, because we offer brand new smartphones both older and absolutely fresh models.
Currently you will find over 1000 articles categorized and another 500 articles on search. All electronic devices are offered with warranty, so you don't take any risk when buying. Whether a product contains the warranty is indicated on the respective product page.


In any case, security plays a major role in mobile phones and tablet repairs. This already starts in the shop with the transmission of personal data, which is why we use SSL. In addition, sometimes sensitive data is still on the internal memory, which makes a trusting handling necessary.
We also give you a good feeling with our 12-month warranty on repairs carried out by us.
Our experts also have a great deal of experience and can quickly correct sources of error or optical flaws such as cracks, glass damage, deep scratches, etc.


The manufacturers, for example, suffer from dead-on-rivals. Retail & Retail would like to attract their customers to new equipment, but do not have an attractive solution for the end customer to take back the old equipment.
Operators such as Telekom, Vodafone & Co. want to push new equipment sales in the shops. And business customers need a fast, safe and GDPR-compliant solution for hundreds of old devices every week for the ever faster rotating device carousel of generations. And…And… And… And…!
Moreover, the channels are becoming increasingly intermingled. Online and offline can no longer be separated. That's why our take-back solutions act as an "Omni channel solution" for all channels! From shop, online and call centre to external partners, our Omni-Channel approach enables a perfectly secure take-back anytime and anywhere!


First Choice 4 Second Life is a matter close to our hearts! The aim of our recycling programs is to achieve the highest possible rate of reusable equipment in the sense of the 2nd-Life concept. Only in this way can we promote sustainability, conserve and reuse raw materials, prevent equipment from ending up in illegal landfills, and, and, and… We are a "Circular Company", because we stand for the idea of the recycling cycle!

More than 60 fabrics are needed to make a mobile phone. In addition to tantalum, gold, tin & Co., plastics for the housing, various metals for cables, contacts, printed circuit boards and batteries as well as glass and ceramics for the display are processed. What does that mean in concrete terms?
With 1.4 billion smartphones sold worldwide in 2017, this results in raw materials of 5,650 tons of cobalt, 14 tons of palladium, 34 tons of gold, 350 tons of silver. And that only for the new sales in 2018!
We want to secure these treasures sustainably!


  • Samsung J730F Galaxy J7 2017 LCD Display Module

  • Samsung T715 Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 3G LTE LCD Display

  • Samsung J320f Galaxy J3 2017 LCD Display Module

  • Samsung BG955ABA Li-Ion Battery

  • Samsung BG935ABE Li-Ion Battery

  • Apple Earpods Stereo Headset 3,5mm

  • Samsung TA20 Fast Charger black

  • Samsung TA20 Fast Charger white

  • Samsung LN920 Car Fast Charger white

  • Samsung Note 8 Smartphone Vehicle Dock/Mount

  • Samsung S8 Smartphone Vehicle Dock/Mount


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